Product Details - God Talk


Meaningful talk about God is the most important communication that we can have.

Many followers of Jesus Christ are uncertain about how to communicate their beliefs. I believe the solution begins by learning to sharpen our thinking about God so we can speak more clearly and accurately about him. We need to organize and summarize our thoughts in a way that is memorable so that we can speak with confidence when we have opportunity to talk about God with real people in real life situations.

God Talk outlines thirteen things that everyone needs to know about God, organized using simple memory hooks to help you recall them when you are asked to give a reason for your faith so you can answer without groping for words. The outline is simple and the content is biblical. Each point is anchored in Scripture, scalable and flexible, to prepare you to give a brief overview in a few seconds or to expand a point in greater detail. It is the aim of this book to assist and better equip ordinary people to speak more clearly, more confidently and more robustly about God.


"I highly recommend God Talk.  Its concepts are so foundational, yet put forth so easily that all from the most dedicated scholar to the average layperson or youngest middle school student will be able to grasp this wonderful teaching about our Lord.  The use of hand signals assists the memory and strengthens one's faith, which increases the usefulness of this book. Christ's Church is weak today because our understanding of God is so poor. God Talk is a tool that will assist believers in coming to see the majesty, awesomeness and incomparable greatness of our God."
Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
President Emeritus
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Hamilton, MA