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In In Whatever State I Am, Learning the Lessons of Contentment, Lee shares observations and snapshots from his personal journey to illustrate how God has shown his faithfulness, and how we can find contentment despite our circumstances. Each chapter includes questions for discussion and reflection.

The subject of contentment is exceedingly relevant today. Never have we had so much, been so busy in the pursuit of our dreams but generally felt so discontent. Genuine contentment is elusive. We live at a time in history that is filled with an endless stream of empty promises and formulas for happiness. Like so many mirages on a hot dry desert road, they disappear as we get closer. Contemporary society promises much but delivers little real contentment.

There are a growing number in the contemporary church preaching confusing messages about the secrets of success and gaining wealth as if that will provide contentment. Christian leaders are often better known for their drivenness and success in building large ministries than for modeling personal contentment. The believing community needs a call back to its roots. I do not suggest a return to a simpler time or a retreat to a quieter rural lifestyle. We cannot create a world of idealism and nostalgia out of romantic ideas from the past. We also underestimate the challenge if we frame the solution as merely simplifying life or lowering expectations (even though both activities may be helpful).

The command to be content in Scripture is simple and straightforward. “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have” but the writer quickly adds the promise of God’s presence which makes obedience possible, “because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you’” (Hebrews 13:5).

We must be willing to explore the foundations of our faith, returning to the truth of the Scriptures that transcend time and place. It is here, I believe, we will find the lessons that will teach us how we may experience the contentment that God has for us. The answers are found inlearning to live God-centered lives in his presence as we honestly and consistently apply his word to daily life.

Often we learn best from and with others. I share observations and snapshots from my personal journey to illustrate how God has shown his faithfulness. My prayer is that you will develop a growing trust to share experiences of struggles and triumphs (your personal reflections) with your spouse, study partner, class or small group using the questions at the end of each chapter that are provided to help get dialogue and discussion started. I trust that God will stir your heart, possibly convict, hopefully encourage and certainly bless you as you read, discuss and explore these very personal lessons on contentment.

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"Every reader will be challenged to admit his/her own discontentment. [Lee] effectively and accurately applies Biblical truth about contentment to finances, politics, God, relationships, character, and circumstances. In a brief book [he] thoroughly covers the field! [His] words certainly challenged me, and I am consciously, intentionally including contentment as a daily life-category to evaluate. This is one of those books I'll have to read twice a year to keep my spiritual balance." ~ David Wiersbe 

"This well-written book by a man with years of ministry experience is full of stimulating insights into what the Bible teaches concerning contentment.  It is an excellent and much needed resource for serious-minded Christians.  I highly recommend it for small groups study."  ~ Dr. Charles E. McGowan, President, The Operation Andrew Group

"In Whatever State I Am" is a pithy, incisive read with excellent review questions for individual or group study.  Consider it an antidote for the spiritual ennui so ironically prevalent in our culture of plenty." ~ Sara Bomar, M.D.

"While not a treatise on grace, Lee not only catches the essence of grace, but applies it personally, practically and powerfully to the human search for contentment.  If, with the Apostle Paul, you want to “learn to be content”, knowing what to avoid and what to pursue then read this book.  Better yet study it with a group of trusted pilgrims.  Helpful questions have already been formulated for your pilgrimage to the Land of Contentment." ~ Dr. Wilson Benton